Full Dye Sublimation is when fabric, before it has been sewn together, is heat pressed with a paper with special dye and the high temperature, pressure and time transfer the design to the fabric. The ink is directly in the fabric and you will not be able to feel it like other types of customization. Because the shirt is dyed and then sewn, there are far more design options for your garments. Full Dye garments are not limited in color the way spot  dye sublimation garments are. Your garment can be any of the wide array of colors Shark Sportswear offers, yet the fabric is still breathable and lightweight. The final piece is vibrantly colored, lightweight and well designed.

Shark Sportswear has an incredibly large design team to assist you in creating a look truly unique to your team with no limitations. We are the only company in the industry that guarantees on time delivery of sublimated custom uniforms.



Shark Sportswear is committed to providing the best quality items in the most colors to our customers.

However, when multiple application processes are utilized, there may be slight color differences between the same colors. For example, a scarlet sublimated top will be slightly different than a solid scarlet item. .

In Shark’s  custom uniforms, we have taken extreme care in producing our color pallet which matches as closely as possible to true fabrics.  However, when these colors are printed as part of a gradient, they will sometimes not match as closely as a solid color. When we sent you a final mock up for approval, please note that variations in printers and screen displays make it impossible for us to make sure we are displaying an exact match. The color in your garment may or may not resemble the color on your screen or print out. Colors are used in mock ups are for display purposes only.

Unfortunately, customized items cannot be accepted for return for final color output not matching either the color displayed at the time the mock up was confirmed, or not matching other items ordered.


Selecting right full dye uniforms for stylish looks and perfect performance

Uniforms are very important in any sport. A uniform is able to define a team. It is able to express unity and equality between all players.  Wearing a uniform can inspire players to enhance their performance for the sake of their team.  At a very young age uniforms make young athletes realize the importance of their teams. Uniforms let them understand the responsibility of representing a team.  Uniforms can let all athletes feel loyal to their teams. For both young and adult athletes wearing a team uniform will make them feel totally equal. Wearing a team uniform is a great pleasure for all athletes. However; customizing your own sport uniform can be even greater. Full dye uniforms can make all players experience this great pleasure.


Customization of your team uniform is an easy and a fun thing to do. You can do it online on our website. Full dye jerseys are available for all sports such as baseball, football, softball  and basketball. Sublimated uniforms are results of mixing heat, ink and pressure proportionally. Sometimes you see a jersey or a full sport uniform with special customization and you feel that the customization do not belong there at all. In other cases the appearance is fine, but the fabric is not soft at all. These defects are results of choosing non professional sites.


If you are interested in getting full dye uniforms, you will find many attractive designs and styles. For example you can have full dye sublimation jerseys or pants.  Having a full sublimation jersey for any sport doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the fabric quality. Our unique collection of sublimated uniforms is going to give you a cutting edge style and perfectly fit your body in the same time.  Being fully compressed against your body will let you run freely on the court and won’t let your opponents grab or hold you.

Before you decide to customize or dye a uniform, you should be aware of two important things:


Close matching: Sometimes a color won’t give the same shade you imagine. In most cases. This can happen because of the fabric material. Shark Sportswear is completely aware of this and will provide the best services for perfect color matching.


Appearance and quality: Stylish appearance does not affect quality and vice versa. You can have it all in one uniform..


These two factors are very important for all athletes whether they are professionals or beginners.  Nowadays all players seek to have Full dye sublimation jerseys in order to be able to express their tastes and personalities. The freedom given to you to dye or customize your uniform is unconditional. You can customize all types of jerseys and shirts. If you have a certain design and specific color in your mind, you can apply it to your sleeveless, half sleeves or full sleeves shirts and jerseys. Such limitless options make the customization available for all sports uniforms for example volleyball, softball, football and soccer. The customization can also work on any sizes, so young players have nothing to worry about..


After you select the right style and design, you will make your order. Once you receive your full dye uniforms, you will begin another journey. This journey will be all about keeping your full dye jerseys in their original bright form. These uniforms are definitely made of high quality and durable materials that will help you do your best on the court or field. However; you have to take good care of them, so they do not lose their attractive appearance or their high quality features. There are few simple and basic tips that can keep your full dye sublimation jerseys as good as new for a long time. These tips include:


Don’t wash before you read: The label on your shirt or jersey can tell you exactly how to wash it. This is the most recommended way to avoid color bleeding.


Avoid hot water and high temperature: Hot water can remove certain stains, but in the long term it can harm some fabrics and make them lose their original colors. Warm or even hot water are nicer to many fabrics. Ironing your uniform will increase your perfect appearance, but high temperatures can cause damage to fabrics and make them lose the bright colors. Make sure to adjust your iron at a low temperature


Handle stains first: Playing any sport will make your clothes dirty. It can cause some very stubborn stains that many laundry cycles can’t handle. Instead of repeating washing cycles and exhaust the fabric of your dye sublimated jerseys; you can try to manually handle those stains before you use the washing machine.


Do not use many chemicals: All full dye sublimation jerseys are absolutely allergic to many chemical substances such as bleach, fabric softeners and stain removers. Bleaches are not suitable for colorful clothes, as they will destroy colors and fabrics. Bleach will cause stubborn spots to your jerseys, shirts and pants. Frequent use of Stain removers and fabric softeners can cause negative effects and harm your full dye uniforms in the long term


Wash separately: If you can separate your colorful custom sublimated jerseys from other clothes, it will help maintain the durability and color of your uniform.


Avoid water soaking: Although water can help in removing ugly and stubborn stains, leaving your custom sublimated jerseys in the water for long can totally harm your uniform. This will accelerate the process of color bleeding.


Do not forget that choosing the right manufacturer and designer will save your money and let you feel the true meaning of durability and longevity.


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