We believe that sports are important for everyone.
Shark Sportswear is devoted to making elite performance apparel for coaches and teams across the country. Sports bind us, challenge us, and provide pathways to success, and the uniforms that teams wear are sources of pride and confidence. Everyone who competes should experience the unifying power of elite team uniforms. We strive to make that possible for every team across the country.
We’ve put decades of combined experience in manufacturing, development, and sports towards our mission by sourcing the best fabrics, inks, and talent available to produce premium sublimated products at affordable prices. It is an honor to outfit your team, and we take it seriously. 


Though we have an office in San Diego, Shark proudly manufactures all of our products in Baja, Mexico. Some companies won’t share where they make their product. For us, it’s not a secret, it’s an advantage. Here’s why:

- Baja is a vibrant hub of manufacturing skills and resources, and it’s only getting better. We go where the talent is.
- International trade agreements allow us to import the best fabrics and materials in the world and export finished products to you.
- Delivery costs to our customers in the US are dramatically less than overseas producers, no planes or boats are required.
- Labor costs are competitive while enabling our employees and skilled craftsmen to comfortably provide for themselves and their families.

So, we employ people from both nations, but we produce our apparel in a place that makes it easier for us to fulfill our mission to keep sportswear accessible to everyone. You should care where your products are made and who makes them. We certainly do.

Some other things you should know about us: 

Shark is dedicated to Sport - Shark employees have played and coached sports in their communities, no matter what side of the border they reside on. That means we understand the challenges of running a program and playing competitively. Our brand is focused solely on team sports. We don't do lifestyle. We don't do athleisure. We make products for competitors.  

Inventory? Not here. - Shark produces everything on demand and we make our own products, so the order you place today won’t be shipping today. Inventory means faster delivery, but it also limits choices and increases prices. Our team is dedicated to making things rather than storing them on a shelf. We’ll still build and ship your order within competitive lead times, and we’ll do it to your exact specifications

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